Comparing Front-Wheel Drive to Rear-Wheel Drive

As Rio Vista car shoppers compare the choices available at our dealership, we are often asked about the differences between front-wheel and rear-wheel drive. We are happy to explain each.

Less time-consuming for factories to build, car-pulling FWD will often save you money. Also, most of the weight in an FWD car sits over the front wheels. This configuration gives you superior traction in rain and snow. On the other hand, FWD may not handle as well as rear-wheel drive through dry-pavement turns.

Car-pushing RWD also tends to be more durable versus potholes and curbs than its FWD counterpart, especially when a RWD model features a solid axle. Due to its steady handling under high horsepower, RWD is found in sports cars and performance cars while FWD motivates most family cars.

If you want to personally compare the feel of FWD and RWD, contact us at Rio Vista Dodge Chrysler Jeep to schedule a test drive today!
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