What is Brake Fluid Made Of?

Although it may appear similar to other automotive fluids, brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid that moves under pressure in your brake lines. The fluid may be made from glycol or silicone, with different grades of each.

Different types and grades of brake fluid are used in different braking systems. Cars with ABS (anti-lock) braking systems use glycol-based fluid. Vehicles without an ABS system may use silicon-based hydraulic brake fluid. Once you use a glycol-based fluid, a silicone-base shouldn't be substituted, because even a small amount of glycol could interfere with the silicone's performance.

Our trained service department staff at Rio Vista Dodge Chrysler Jeep can replace your hydraulic braking system fluid with the right grade and formulation, whether your car has an ABS system or not. We are conveniently located in Rio Vista, California and have a full stock of brake fluid and supplies for your needs.

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