Is Your Car's Exhaust System Doing Its Job?

Your car's exhaust system performs many important functions. Not only does it release the gases that are the byproducts of fuel combustion, but it also helps to keep the vehicle quieter while you are driving it. The exhaust system includes the manifold, cylinders, tail pipe, muffler, and the hardware and fasteners holding the parts all together.

If your car recently failed an emissions test, then exhaust system servicing is a must. You might also need exhaust system repairs if your fuel economy has decreased. Noisy cars may also need exhaust system repairs or replacement parts installed.

After about 30,000 miles and every 10,000 miles after that, your car's exhaust system should be inspected. Let our team at the Rio Vista Dodge Chrysler Jeep service department in sunny Rio Vista, CA check out your car's exhaust system to keep it safe and effective.

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