When buying a new vehicle, how much does fuel economy matter to you and your family? With the constantly fluctuating fuel prices, fuel economy is important to many drivers today, which might explain why the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, a popular minivan hybrid, is such a popular vehicle for families and single drivers. Stop at Rio Vista Dodge Chrysler Jeep Inc to see the Chrysler Pacifica for yourself.

If fuel economy is what matters, you’ll love the fuel economy offered by the Chrysler Pacifica. Imagine getting 82 mpg! Between the 32 miles you get on the electric engine and the 488 you get from the gasoline, you can drive 520 miles on one tank of gas. What’s really exciting is how the vehicle switches automatically from the electric engine to the gas engine.

Whether you’re ready to buy a new vehicle or just want to learn more about hybrids, come to our shop in Rio Vista to test-drive the Chrysler Pacifica today.


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